Manual timekeeping is dead.

Intelligent time automation is the future.

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The game has changed.

We live in an automated world.

Smart home systems switch lights on and off and adjust the thermostat. Subscriptions for frequently used items arrive at our doorsteps. Auto-pay pays bills. Navigation finds the quickest, most fuel-efficient route to a destination...

At work, applicant tracking systems screen resumes, contract drafting tools automate business contracts, and scheduling tools suggest good times to meet.

But timekeeping, so foundational to billing and pricing at professional services firms, hasn’t evolved since the ‘90s.

Manual timekeeping can’t be improved. It’s time to change the paradigm and move from building to reviewing.

From telling the machine what you did to the machine building timesheets for you.

It’s time for Time by Ping.

Increase billable hours by 30 minutes a day
Get accurate data with AI
Start releasing time in 20 minutes

Time by Ping builds timesheets so you don't have to.

Time by Ping AI works in the background to capture your activities, freeing you to go about your day-to-day work as you normally would.

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Intelligent automation

Captures every second of every work activity across all your apps.

Smart idle tracking

Filters out idle time.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Automatically categorize and describe your activities.


Displays an entire day’s work in a clean, chronological list allowing you to browse your activities, recall your day, and fill any gaps.


Displays your release-ready time, organized by matter, so you can speed through final touches before releasing to your PMS.

True Time Automation

Time by Ping is easy to pick up and use.

Unlike traditional tools that take months to deploy and have a steep learning curve, Time by Ping is cloud-first and can be up and running in weeks.
Timekeepers love the modern design and slick interface that allows them to quickly get up to speed and start releasing time in as little as 20 minutes.