Lightweight deployment.

Because we sanctify time in all that we do, we’ve built Time by Ping to deploy in a matter of weeks, not months. Time by Ping is a light integration layer on top of your existing systems; there is no need for a big rip-and-replace project.

Understanding your technical ecosystem.

We work closely with your team to gather the information we need through a Technical Assessment Questionnaire, and use that information to fully configure your build and integrate with your systems.

The total time commitment from your team is usually around 30 hours across 4–8 weeks.

World-class project management

Our customer success team works closely with you to develop a mutual action plan for rollout and takes care of all your training and support needs throughout the process.

No plug-ins, extensions or add-ons

Time by Ping is a single piece of software that timekeepers install on their Windows desktop. There is nothing else to deploy or maintain, and we take care of all of the supporting cloud infrastructure for you.

Data-driven approach to driving change across your firm.

We help steward change management with deep statistical rigor.

Step 1

Our customer experience team starts with analyzing your historical billing data to identify the best first users based on timekeeping styles within your firm.

Step 2

Next, we solicit volunteers from that group and get them fully set up and trained.

Step 3

Once they’re successfully up and running, we roll out the product in tranches, leveraging peer influence to motivate colleagues.