Product Update: Introducing Matter Nicknames

At Time By Ping, we’re taking steps towards building a Time Automation solution that fully eliminates the burden of timekeeping. 

To do that, our Design and Product Strategy team follows a set of fundamental principles when building new products and features.

According to one of these principles, AI-powered automation is a core piece of the puzzle, but not the only one. Visual context, including the ability to personalize your timekeeping experience, is critical to driving the efficiency you expect. 

This second piece has been overlooked by all other timekeeping solutions and is one of the many reasons why firms and timekeepers see immediate, tangible results – 7.5% revenue lift and 1-2 hours saved – when they start using Time by Ping. 

That is why in 2021 we added Matter Colors to our product (which you love!) so you could quickly and easily review and understand what work you’ve done for which Client Matter. Building on that promise, we have added Matter Nicknames to add another layer of visual and meaningful context to your Timeline and Timesheet. 

What are Matter Nicknames? 

As a timekeeper, you’re usually working on lots of different Client Matters concurrently and need to shift context throughout your day. This can make your Timeline busy with lots of activities spread across Clients and Matters. 

Matter Nicknames allow you to replace long and confusing Matter names with nicknames of your choice to speed up your assignment workflow. 

“TBP strives to sanctify our users' time at all times,” says Nick Bazley, Director of Product at TBP. “Our timekeepers told us they were struggling with long Matter names set by firms and also with lots of similar names across Clients (eg. General, Admin etc.). Adding Matter Nicknames into our product allows our timekeepers to easily distinguish in-progress Matters and speed through their Timesheet edits.” 

Speed up your assignment workflow with Matter Nicknames

Rename long Matters to easily identify them: Sometimes the Client Matters you’re working on can have very long or obscure names. TBP allows you to rename them so you can quickly identify them in your Current Matters List, Timeline, and Timesheet. 

Quickly distinguish between similar Matters: It can get confusing if you’re working on several Matters for multiple clients. Matter Nicknames lets you rename them so you can quickly distinguish one from the other as you go through your assignment workflow. 

For instance, most clients have a Matter named General. With Matter Nicknames, you can add unique nicknames to each General Matter so you can quickly identify which General Matter is for which Client. 

How it works

Whenever you want to edit the name of a Client Matter, you can open up the Matter settings by clicking on the settings cog either on the Client Matter header in Timeline or Timesheet or via the Edit Current Matter List. 

Once the Matter settings modal is open, you can add a nickname for the selected Client Matter. Once set and saved, this new nickname will replace the Client Matter name everywhere in the TBP app. 

Other things to note:

  • A nickname can always be edited.
  • Active nicknames must be unique. 
  • A nickname can be reverted to the original Matter name by simply deleting the nickname.
  • When you hover over the name in the Current Matter List, the tooltip will show the actual Client Matter name.

To learn more about all the new improvements in our latest releases, head over to our Help Center to view the Release Notes