Introducing Our Time Consultants

Meet the legal tech industry veterans who will partner with you and your firm in the shift to time automation. 

At TBP, we understand that timekeeping is critical to your firm. We also believe so strongly in the power of time automation to free your lawyers from this burden that we’ve assembled a world-class team to help you get started on your journey. 

I’m excited to introduce you to our Time Consultants. These legal tech industry veterans and experienced sales executives joined TBP to share their passion for time automation with firms like yours. They bring equal parts empathy and insight to all that they do, serving as your trusted partner along the way. This means that you can count on them to understand your needs, share the latest industry trends, and provide product expertise to sanctify time for your firm. 

Throughout the 20 years that I’ve spent in legal tech myself, I’ve never been so enthusiastic to be part of a team that truly embodies its mission. I know that you’ll enjoy working with our Time Consultants just as much as I do. 

-Tara Levin, Head of Sales

Kelly Bridges

Kelly was raised by a salesman and a teacher and has been in sales her entire career.  After many years of selling Girl Scout cookies as a child, she began her professional career in hospitality where she was taught the customer is always right. “To be hospitable is to welcome everyone in a friendly, generous manner.  It's how I've always sold and exactly the way I still sell today.”

Kelly took a chance on legal sales, and she’s never looked back. Following a brief stint in court reporting sales, she went from a small litigation support startup to the goliath that is Thomson Reuters for almost 13 years. Then, COVID emerged. She was reminded of just how precious our time is, and knew she wanted to make a move.

Kelly cites joining TBP as a major life decision. “It was a turning point in my career and in my life. Being a part of TBP gives me a chance to return time to everyone, including myself. In my 18 years of selling, I have never been more excited than I am right now. The team, the culture, the mission - we have it all.”

Nick Cegelski

Nick thinks a lot about what makes someone successful at work. From his perspective, there are two factors. “First, you need to do something with skill. And second, you should be doing the right thing. In other words, it doesn’t matter how well you do something if you shouldn’t be spending your time on it.”

This is hardly surprising. Nick has spent his entire career in legal tech, a field he enjoys because he gets to work with intelligent, critical thinkers. Most recently, he sold billing and practice management systems to firms where he regularly heard about the woes of manual timekeeping from attorneys. 

Nick jumped at the opportunity to join TBP because it frees attorneys from the burden of time tracking and provides the critical insight they need to spend their time adding value. “At the end of the day, time is our most precious resource, and I’m happy to be helping people to make the most of it,” he added.

Jamie Gilbert

Jamie has been putting his Classics degree to good use in legal technology for the last 12 years. “This is my British humor coming out strong,” he joked. 

Despite the relevancy of his academic choices, Jamie has worked for well-established organizations that provide solutions across a wide range of critical business functions, including timekeeping. This experience led him to see the pain of manual approaches firsthand. 

He felt honored to join a mission-oriented group at TBP that is as talented as it is ambitious. Jamie is excited about realizing the mission of returning time to those professionals for whom it's such a precious commodity. 

When he’s not working with his firms, Jamie likes to swim, cycle, and run, usually in that order. “I consider this to be my sacred time. I know how much it means to me, and I’m glad to be giving it back to others.” he said.

Lisa Griffith

Lisa may be a former D1 college athlete, but she’s a coach at heart. Since stepping off the basketball court, she’s developed a passion for helping guide her clients in solving some of their biggest challenges. She had found her stride at the legal tech unicorn PatSnap when the opportunity to join TBP emerged.

“I believe that disruptive technology is what will ultimately improve our quality of life, and time automation is proof of that,” she said. Now a part of the TBP team, you’ll often find her sharing words of wisdom on LinkedIn when she isn’t advising one of her firms. 

True to TBP’s value, Lisa brings her whole self to work.”The coach in me extends to all that I do, whether it’s helping my two sons thrive in the pandemic or helping young women earn full scholarships to college through my nonprofit.” Needless to say, she also has a competitive side that drives her.

Jeff Jordan

Jeff comes to TBP with an extensive background working and leading software technology companies. His last stop was at Aderant, where he spent 10 years successfully providing law firms with solutions to complex challenges around their practice management inefficiencies. At Aderant, he carved out a name for himself, ultimately becoming the Director of Sales for the West, managing a team of 6, and working with some of the biggest firms in the industry. 

This experience led him to see just how important company culture and innovative technology are to filling his passion bucket. He found himself gravitating towards visionary solutions that crack giant issues, and that’s what Jeff found at TBP. 

“The problem of time entry for legal and professional services firms is massive.  I’m excited to work for a company that understands the value of time and is helping people to get it back,” he said. For Jeff, this is both a professional and a personal endeavor. As a dad to two girls, he values all the time with his family that he can get.

Matt Yezovich

For Matt, companies that transform industries don’t come by every day. Nor do companies that truly live the culture they describe on their website. “That sums up why I’m here. Actions back up words. TBP is a family where everyone shares a passion for improving quality of life.”

Matt was born and raised in the “Steel City,” Pittsburgh, PA, as one of 12 children with the core belief that hard work would take him as far as he wanted to get in life. While he’s worked in sales roles for Fortune 500 companies, the entrepreneur in him led him to the technology startup world. That’s where he fell in love with contributing to the early and rapid growth of what would become wildly successful organizations including Bellefield Systems, provider of mobile timekeeping solutions for attorneys.

He’s channeling this same passion at TBP. “I love talking with clients that tell me TBP has transformed their business. I’m excited that TBP is creating a company and brand, not just a product. I’m excited to think that one day, I’ll look back and say I was a part of it all.”