A Team Connected By Time

Life has taught our team the sanctity of time. From losing loved ones to watching our kids grow up, we all have experiences that have shown us the finality of time. These have shaped who we are and led us to TBP.

If you’re interested in learning about my personal story, read it here. In short, it was through my mother’s life that I learned to make the most of every moment.

Our Missionaries

Hear from our team about the impact of our mission on life at TBP.

Our team of over 70 Pingwins is connected by time because life has taught us its value. And we want to help the world recognize the value of time—and live with intention—by refactoring the working model for the knowledge economy.

As I wrote in a recent blog, knowledge workers waste nearly 10% of their working lives due to a factory-era model that incentivizes activity over outcomes. It’s time for an evolution in how we work.

Why will TBP be the company to solve such a large and intractable problem? My answer is always the same: we’re a mission-oriented company founded on a set of Core Values that push us past obstacles that would dissuade most other people from continuing.

Here is the mission of the incumbent in our space:

To enable professional and financial services firms to better connect their people, processes, and data through AI-powered software solutions.

Here is ours:

To Return Time.

You tell me which will change the world.

We live and breathe this mission in all that we do—from how we build our product to how we operate as a company. There is a reason why our eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) is +78. It’s the same reason why the people is what our team enjoys most about working here. We all want to spend our time solving time, and we’re unified by this deeper purpose.

In fact, TBP isn’t just about building Time Automation to return time to knowledge workers. It’s also about building an organization that returns time to itself. I want TBP to be the sandbox we use to experiment on a working model that sanctifies time for every person who works here. We know we won’t get it right the first, second, or even third time, but that’s the point. Experimenting on ourselves will be the ultimate form of champagne tasting (the term we use for using our own product internally—who likes the taste of dogfood anyways).

Join Us On Our Journey

On the heels of our Series B, we are hiring across every function to help us define the future of work. Please reach out to me if:

-You are passionate about our mission to return time
-You have the grit and tenacity to flourish in an early-stage environment
-You are autonomous, an inventor, and someone that can demonstrate the ability to convert ideas into reality

We hope you will join us on our journey.