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Hello Anthony Altieri, Software Engineer

As a former founder who “thinks in code,” Anthony brings his startup experience and expert technical skills to his role as a Software Engineer.

May 5, 2022
Going Beyond Fixed Rules With Machine Learning to Truly Automate Timekeeping

Although both machine learning and fixed rules fall under the umbrella of AI, they’re vastly different. These differences have implications for timekeeping.

May 2, 2022
Meet TBP: Our Upcoming Events

Heading to an upcoming event? Here’s a list of shows where you’ll find us. If you’ll be there, we hope you stop by our booth or set up a meeting to see what Time Automation can do for you and your firm. 

April 28, 2022
A Team Connected By Time

At TBP, our team is unified by a deeper purpose: to return time. Hear from our CEO on why this mission will drive us to change the world, and then watch our Pingwins speak to life at TBP in our new video.

April 13, 2022
Hello Mallory Meiser, Director of Operations

Mallory is a former founder who brings her compassionate leadership and expert problem solving skills to TBP. She’s at the helm of our operating philosophy, empowering our team with a culture of “No Rules" Rules.

April 5, 2022
Refactoring The Factory Model

A century after its introduction, the Factory Model pervades. Yet much has changed in the knowledge economy. CEO Ryan Alshak explores why It’s time to evolve the way we work and how TBP is driving this transformation with Time Automation.

March 29, 2022
Product Update: Introducing Matter Nicknames

Matter Nicknames allow you to replace long and confusing Matter names with nicknames of your choice to speed up your assignment workflow.

March 24, 2022
Time by Ping Raises $36.5M Series B To Return Time To The World

Investment to accelerate adoption of time automation among professional services firms, eliminating the burden of manual timekeeping for knowledge workers

March 1, 2022
Introducing Our Time Consultants

Meet the legal tech industry veterans who will partner with you and your firm in the shift to time automation.

February 24, 2022
Hello David Vydra, Senior Manager, Quality Engineering

David is responsible for building many of the processes and infrastructure that underpin our quality.

February 3, 2022
Hello Shawn Souto, Software Engineer at Time by Ping

As a Software Engineer, Shawn Souto is responsible for a key new fundamental piece of software for configuration management, which helps us innovate more rapidly.

December 9, 2021
Hello Shakib Zabihian, Software Architect at Time by Ping

As our Software Architect, Shakib joined as one of the more senior members of the team, playing a coaching role to our up and coming developers. He’s also a founding CTO, and was even on Forbes 30 Under 30 for his first startup.

November 10, 2021
Hello Elena Isac, Quality Analyst at Time by Ping

As a Quality Analyst, Elena started with Time by Ping as an intern, and grew into a full-time role with us. She has seen the company go from broken products to high reliability, building a lot of the process and infrastructure.

October 20, 2021
Hello Nat Welch, Lead Cloud Platform Engineer at Time by Ping

Nat Welch is a leading expert on Site Reliability Engineering, and we are lucky to have him leading the charge on SRE at Time by Ping, where he helps us scale the platform for safe, reliable, and performant data handling.

September 2, 2021
Hello Eric Zaarour, Customer Success Director at Time by Ping

When we think of culture at Time by Ping, we think of Eric. Eric Zaarour helped Ryan build Time by Ping back in law school when it was still a business card app.

July 29, 2021
Hello Hao Le, Software Engineer at Time by Ping

Hao, a full-stack software engineer, embodies the engineering culture we love at Time by Ping: hungry, handles chaos well, resilient, and inspiring to those around him.

July 9, 2021
Hello Alper Vural, Software Engineer at Time by Ping

Alper began with Time by Ping as a contractor, and after time exploring different career paths, he came back to us. As a software engineer, we are lucky to have his dedication, infinite energy, and true drive to serve the customer.

June 17, 2021
Hello Mitch Katzer, Customer Success Director at Time by Ping

Mitch left a private practice in Wealth Management to grow Time by Ping with us as a Customer Success Director. He’s been involved since the early days.

May 26, 2021
Hello Thomas Zhang, Software Engineer at Time by Ping

Thomas Zhang, our longest-tenured software engineer at Time by Ping, has been responsible for helping build nearly every aspect of the product — frontend, backend, database, ML, cloud deployment, security, CI, and more.

May 7, 2021